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We solicit journal proposals or manuscripts from scholars in the field of comparative and international education who offer significant and/or useful contributions to the field. The intent is to have a combination of critical discourse and analysis of major topics centred around educational policy, planning, and practice. All manuscripts are pre-screened and, if approved for further review, are peer-reviewed through a double-blind review process. This meets most regulatory standards for quality control while maintaining anonymity for both author and reviewers.

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Volume 6, No. 3 Articles
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An institution in search of excellence: Lessons learnt
Hashim, F. and Awang, H. 291-296
Not Me, Not You, but Together WE Will. This is a report of the strategies adopted by the University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia, to address the issues and complexities involved in its search for excellence in teaching and learning, research and service. The story is told how the university sought accreditation through the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and how by uniting their heartbeats to breathe as one provides a platform for some individuals to rise to the occasion thereby adding strength to the teamís struggle. The paper concludes that obtaining ISO certification is only a means to an end and, although the initiative towards change may have come from the top management of the university, any attempt to bring about change, requires that the parties involved have to become the change agents themselves. Higher education, quality culture, ISO certification, managing change, continuous improvement

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